3 Critical Moves Before Your Next Big Decision

I was trapped... Locked in and feeling the weight of it. Moving forward or backward seemed to be my only options, neither of which direction felt right for various reasons. Have you ever felt this way? If so, you know what I mean when I say... I could almost hear an...
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A Simple & Proven Activity to Help You Feel Better

I think I’m in good company when I say I don’t like pain. Both emotional and physical pain are hard to swallow. I don't think any of us can even say with accuracy which is worse.  When you have one, it's the worst, period.   And yet pain and stress are...
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3 Tips for Dealing With Compassion Fatigue

          There aren't words to say how wonderful it feels to be given compassion and care. When you're thirsty and someone gives you a drink... When you've had a long day and someone gives you a loving massage or back rub... Or when you're...
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Welcome to Reflections Counseling and Coaching!

Our experienced, professional counselors and
coaches have many areas of expertise.

We use proven psychological methods and
coaching tools with Christian values.

We can help you repair relationships, find
hope in stressful times, and achieve success!

Your Expert Coaches and Counselors

Christa Hardin, MA, LLP, CLC
Director and Marriage Coach

Melissa Jansen, CLC
Certified Life Coach

Lori Klemish, MA, LMHC
Lic. Mental Health Counselor

Glenda Reagan, MA, LMHC
Lic. Mental Health Counselor

Jamie Foss, CLC
Certified Life Coach

Eileen McConoughey, RMHCI
Certified Rehab Counselor

Craig Stratton, MA, LMHC
Lic. Mental Health Counselor

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Relationship Coaching

“The RELATE program helped us to recapture our goals for ourselves and one another…This was and always will be one of the greatest moments in our young but promising marriage. Thank you, Christa!”

Life Coaching

“My coach imparted very helpful tools for everyday life that are easy to use. She has a gift of renewing perspective and encouraging others without ever judging or being pushy…I highly recommend Reflections, the perspective I got was incredibly uplifting and refreshing!”

Christian Counseling

“One thing I still keep in my heart is that she NEVER judged me or made me feel less. She was so understanding and kind. I know that my therapist was filled with the Holy Spirit and was right with God. Through her prayers, God was able to use her knowledge on how to help me. Thank you!!”

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“When I started Reflections, I had the dream of helping people to see their lives in a new light so that they could thrive emotionally, and fulfill their God-given destinies. Four years and thousands of sessions later, this dream is a reality. We have walked alongside people from every season of life, from little strong-willed toddlers who need play therapy to beautiful souls seeking comfort and encouragement in their winter years. Every RCC counselor and coach prays for each client and each session. We thank God for the privilege of lending hope to our neighbors and friends. Know that even before you make your first call or submit a consultation request, we are here, anticipating this wonderful moment of change for you.”  Christa Hardin, MA, LLP, CLC

Director, Reflections Counseling & Coaching Center

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