Join us for the Thrive Class!

The Thrive Class is A One-Session Life & Relationship Tune-Up Just for You!

An RCC life coach can help you to thrive again by reminding you of your purposes and helping you to re-center on God’s specific plans for your life! 

The Thrive plan is based upon the verse, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Should we spell it out like this, bc it’s exactly what I talk about with them….and I have a secular version as well which focuses on good strategies but not faith based.

T – Take all your worries to Me (God), every single big and little thing on your heart right now. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Phil 4:6)

H – Hope in Heaven again, for obviously you got worldly again, forgetting this, “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. (Matt 6:20)

R – Rest in My plans for you today, in this very moment even, versus your own agenda. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11).

I – Invest in relationships, yes, even the ones where there has been loss and scarring and lack of hope. Those relationships are not by coincidence. “Not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near. (Hebrews 10:25).

V – Value what you have now, in this very moment. “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (Phil 4:12).

E – Enjoy your life again, knowing I (God) am at work and you are going to thrive now. “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1st Thess 5:16-18).






Join us for The Overflowing Life Class 



  The Overflowing Life Class

Have you lost your glimmer for life? Have you felt drained, directionless, exhausted, and without purpose lately? Would you like to shine for God and live a life overflowing with the fruits of the Spirit? Would you like to be thriving again or for the very first time? If you answered YES, you will love “The Overflowing Life.” In this personal coaching relationship class that guides you on a seven segment journey toward a better you, you will learn how to live the overflowing life, the one Jesus called you to embrace when He said “I came to give you life, and life more abundant” in John 10:10. Specifically, you will learn to;

  • Embrace your giftings in this season of life.
  • Recognize and go after your calling in Christ.
  • Set important boundaries so you have enough energy.
  • Learn about your specific personality strengths and areas for growth.
  • Learn tricks and tools for getting past self-destructive obstacles.
  • Learn to live each day to the fullest, both peacefully and productively.
  • Thrive from the encouragement and accountability for the biggest life changes you will ever make!
  • See your dreams come true professionally and personally as you grow!

Discover Your Destiny in The Esther’s Awakening Class

1st Class: Realize. In your first session, you will be reminded of the biblical journey of Queen Esther, a strong, wise and yet humble and feminine leader of the Bible. You and your therapist or coach will draw a parallel to Queen Esther’s experiences, as you begin to realize your own journey as God’s royal daughter(1st Peter 2:9). In addition to a traditional evaluation by a licensed therapist, youwill get a treatment plan and an assignment related to your presenting issues.

2nd Class: Reflect. In this critical step, you and your counselor will together unravel and reflect on secret threads of isolation, fear, and grief in your life, in light of the future hope you have in Christ. Like Esther, there may be something keeping you from your true royal calling in Christ. Your assignment will involve journaling, interviewing, or another reflective measure for awakening any past resentments, hurts, or hindrances.

3rd Class: Reveal. In your third meeting, your therapist will gently guide you through difficult memories, truths, and any painful history you have revealed. Your therapist or coach will offer inspiration, wisdom, hope, and light for your future, despite the difficult issues of the past. Together, you will uncover the things still in darkness, and speak truth to the lies of the past and present. Your assignment will involve pairing healthy ways of coping in present difficulties, instead of hanging on familiar but unhealthy habits.

4th Session: Restore. Having decided to turn from unhealthy ways of dealing with your life’s issues, your new goal, like Queen Esther, is to devote yourself to purifying, restoring and prayer. Your therapist and you will join together to stop the cycle of shame and sin in your life or family system. Your assignment will involve permanently incorporating healthy and pleasing elements of spiritual,emotional, and physical self-care, and both inner and outer beauty.

5th Session: Reclaim. In this session, you will revisit the story of Queen Esther, and tell your own story as well, including all of the parts of the journey towards healing. In this meeting, you will prayerfully plant good seeds for future harvests in your life, and set new standards for godly and royal living as a beautiful daughter of the King, Most of all, you will reclaim a celebration of the present and good things to come! Your therapist or coach will also give you a special gift or memoir to commemorate your healing journey!*

(10 session Esther Plan available also with additional steps for those desiring a longer season working with their therapist or coach.)

(I don’t want to overwhelm the readers, any of these can be brought over to a coaching packages page also or left off but I have noticed how popular ‘classes’ are right now so just in case these are some others we could put here).

Redemption Coaching Program for Women


  1. RRelease – In this first week, a woman is encouraged to release both her stresses and her dreams to her personal coach. She will discuss her life using our efficient CVQ 40 interviewing form. She will also get relieving practical tips and most of all encouragement to help her to see the hope for her situation.  SMART Goal setting is introduced and utilized throughout the program.
  2. EEnergize  – This week, a client will learn about maintaining self-care for the journey. Her coach will give her psychoeducation and brainstorms ways in her individual life story that she can find emotional, spiritual, and physical preparation each day for successful living.
  3. DDraw near to God – This session focuses on a woman’s relationship to God, emphasizes His deep love for her, and the book, Captivating, by Stasi Eldredge, is assigned for her to begin, as she recognizes her unique worth and beauty in Christ as part of His redemption plan for her.
  4. EEnding Things – This session focuses on ending unhealthy relationships as well as keeping boundaries. In this session, a woman’s counselor or coach can help her to identify patterns of relating unhealthily with other individuals. This week, they can strategize together about ways to distract her from the temptations of seeing unhealthy individuals and recognizing the natural consequences that will follow such actions. Discussion of Captivating as follow up, and a reiteration of her worth in Christ.
  5. MMoving forward. This session propels a woman forward with specific ideas for success in terms of career and parenting. Although she had already learned much, the life coaching process takes off in Session Five as she make a new commitment to grow for her family, self and God. She and her life coach will plan for her to take the MBTI Personality Inventory and DISC  Spiritual Inventory as well. If a psychiatrist consult is needed, she will receive this recommendation for seeing Christian MA, Dr. Elizabeth John. Discussion/check in with Captivating.
  6. PPlan for specifics – In this session, the coach and client will plan for specific ways of staying out of the bondage of slavery, and moving toward the promise land of a healthier and more satisfying life for the client and her child.  The framework of the story of Exodus will be part of this planning, as the coach helps her to ask for God’s protection, provision, and direction during her time walking through the desert of unknowns as she pursues her calling and dreams.
  7. TTests for success – Test results from the MBTI and DISC are reviewed and the client is encouraged to follow her dreams in God’s timing in terms of service, relating with others, and possibly vocation.
  8. I Inspire & “I can do all things, Phil 4:13”. The client and her coach will talk in depth about the motivating factors that will drive her to continued success. She will identify a life verse to memorize, inspiring verses to help her as she grows weary and other ways of unique self-sustaining when she is beginning to get discouraged. The coach will provide support, prayer, and help this client to continue to see her beautiful purposes in the body of Christ.
  9. OOvercoming obstacles. Now that the relationship is strong, in this session, the coach and client will take a good but hard look at the situation and areas this client may be self-sabotaging or holding back from healthy patterns of living. The coach will provide alternatives and together they can come up with realistic SMART goals. They will finish up discussions of Captivating.
  10. N Natural mentors are part of success for this client, especially since the coaching relationship isn’t intended to last forever. This coach and client will discuss opportunities for extended mentoring in this client’s life, in terms of older mothers, healthy family members, church support, or positive new friendships that may encourage and hold this client to high standards in her life in the future. The coach and client will discuss termination the relationship and how to do this well.
  1. to 14. These sessions are geared toward ending well together with a symbolic gift being given from the coach to the client, as well as the practicality of booster sessions, follow up and accountability, SMART goal setting, recognizing and correcting sabotage, clarifying goals, and planning for continued success as she lives a redeemed life!

Beyond Purity Coaching

by Reflections Counseling Center

Christa Hardin, MA, BCLC, LLP


Design: This program was created to keep high school teens, aged thirteen to eighteen from engaging in sexual behaviors of all kinds before their bodies and minds are ready for this wonderful but exclusive experience which God specifically created for husbands and wives. This program was created because today’s teens are experiencing sex and the harsh repercussions unnecessarily, and often at a dangerous expense.


Hard Facts: According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, forty-seven percent (47%) of high school teens will admit in a private survey to having sexual experience in 2013. There are likely many more who will not admit to it. About twenty-three (23%) percent admit being under the use of alcohol and drugs during this experience. More than ten percent (10%) admit to experiencing sexual dating violence as a high schooler and. by the time they reach college, twenty-two percent (22%) of women admit to being abused domestically in a relationship,. often sexually. More than one in ten students admit to sexting naked pictures of themselves to others, which can result in shame, addictions, sexual acting out, and is pornographic in content. These statistics are despite the contraception talks seventy-five percent (75%) have had, since twenty-two percent (22%) said they didn’t use contraception in their experiences anyway and a whopping eighty-two percent (82%) of teen pregnancies are unplanned.. Thirty-six percent (36%) of these unintended pregnancies are aborted. Also in health news, a whopping thirty-five percent (35%) of teens today have the HPV STI, which can cause cervical cancer and genital warts.


Problem: In today’s culture, we educate children about their bodies’ mechanics around age twelve and seventy-five percent of young teens get the classic contraception talk at some point. By the time teens are invited or coerced to engage in sexual behaviors, teens have forgotten any innocent but long ago dedications to purity especially in the face of so much information about how and where to get contraception, and so they engage far too early in sexual practices, sometimes without contraception. and always without being mature enough, since the frontal lobe in the brain will not finish development until the early twenties (teens make choices with this area of the brain).. Many teens who want to be pure carry a secret shame once they engage in sexual behaviors, often by the coercion of others who threaten to withhold love or relationship if they don’t take part. Teachers are excellent at being supportive, but often in the midst of meeting educational standards, there is little room for personal or even group discussions on the benefits of purity and abstinence.

Help & Hope: Our Beyond Purity coaching program at Reflections helps teens to know they have an opportunity to recreate a fresh start with their bodies, and to become pure again in thought and action. After being part of our program or hearing our conference topic or lecture, many teens have a new goal of being sexual abstinent, something many of them though they could never experience again once they crossed certain sexual boundaries. Many other teens after learning more about healthy sexuality, won’t cross into the slippery slope of unhealthy sexual behaviors at all. In addition to learning about purity, teens are invited to walk with God on a journey that is more than just about sexual purity, but about God’s best interest in and love for them as a person.

Completed in three hourly coaching sessions, or as an hour and a half conference presented at school or church,, teens will learn the following information in an endearing, caring, and if private, one-on-one session where they can learn from someone who lives with Christian sexual integrity as well as who has knowledge and expertise in training in the field of sexuality, pregnancy and development as well as a strong faith in Christ.

Session One: Teens have a safe place to talk and get to know their counselor or coach, to share their own journey if they are ready, as well as to answer a brief questionnaire about their sexual experience or knowledge. The questionnaire was gently framed so that teens are not given information that will carry them too far beyond their years of knowledge, while also leaving room for them to be honest about their knowledge, fears, beliefs, and activities in that area. Coaches will tailor the program based upon their answers, in large degree. Coaches will conduct the CQ40 interview, so teens have a place to share their hopes and dreams for the future as well.

Session Two: In this session, the counselor or coach shares the appropriate amount of disclosure about someone who had a similar sexual story as the teen they are coaching, but turned again to a life of purity and beyond. Teen clients have a chance to learn about someone like them who made the choice to rededicate their lives to pure thinking and behaviors, and the freedom that comes with that. Coach and client strategize about ways the client, in his or her unique situation can do this. Plans are set, accountability is also set up, as well, as God’s Design for Sex discussed (Stan Jones) for teens.

Session Three: If the teen has not yet felt safe to share their sexual journey, they are invited and encouraged to do so again. The coach will help them to understand God’s Word in regards to love for them, and purity of their bodies, as well as the tangible benefits that come from obeying God and parents in this and every area. The teen is invited to symbolically step into new terrain of sexual purity, including waiting to engage in sexual behaviors (and slippery slope behaviors) until marriage. They can pray together with the coach, are invited to wear a purity symbol, and are given information to take back with them, as well as offered further coaching in times of deep stress around this topic.

I also have The Career Created for You and my biggest classes or programs I want to be my marriage classes so maybe those could link here also but be elsewhere on the site and those are called,


Relate: A Guide to Marriage & Relationship Repair Program


Release: A Couple’s Growth Workbook (I discuss them both in more depth on other pages or will be soon.


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