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  If you care about someone going through something tough, what better gift to give than the gift of financial support so they can experience the healing freedom of a renewed life for themselves? The Bible says that in the abundance of counselors there is victory in Proverbs 11:14. Choosing to gift someone with the opportunity to reflect on their life and to make positive changes in it can bring untold joy to them and generations to follow as well. You can be part of bringing that change with your gift of a counseling or coaching session or package with any one of our providers online, via phone or in person. Just use the payment button here to gift a class or a given number of sessions to your loved one. Call us at 941-301-8420 for more details!

     If you know a couple who is preparing for marriage, what better gift can they receive than tools for how to create an amazing and most importantly, lasting relationship? Gift them with our six session Relate program so they can learn to continually recharge their romance, energize their love life, laugh together, accept differences, transform through trials, and engage one another! Package details here ()

   If you are married and want to bless your spouse with the gift of a lasting commitment and a legacy of building health back into your relationship (or more likely, build it in for the very first time), gift them with the Release Marriage Program. This book and program is 8 sessions and helps couples to move through every trial with success and a deep and lasting commitment.

    If you know a mommy who is overwhelmed and tired (like every mom on the planet sometimes!), gift her with 1 or more sessions of our Messy Buns and Cartwheels Coaching Program. She will learn our Thrive prayer, how to S.T.O.P. when she is overwhelmed and most of all, how to stay energized and intentional in her relationships with her family and the Lord!

    For the couple who is is deep stress, fighting all the time, toying with the idea of an affair, confused, addicted, in despair or otherwise deeply broken, the gift of the R & R Relationship Repair Program is the very best gift they can receive. This program, including workbooks, and up to fourteen sessions of reparative marital coaching or counseling (or a monthly package) offers them specific, practical, and noteworthy tools for finding their marital health and thriving together for the Lord!

    Looking for the perfect graduation gift for your high school or college grad? Give them the wonderful blessing of Christian life coaching so they can handle the journey with someone who cares and has walked the road ahead. We offer encouragement, accountability for every step, wisdom, assessment tools for helping them to thrive and to work within their gifting.

Having a special anniversary? Gift your spouse the gift of a couple’s session so you can work on marital maintenance.