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RELATE: A Guide to Marriage & Relationship Repair

Every couple needs tools, direction, and encouragement for dealing with the issues of life together. RELATE will help you bring the love, respect, and fun back into your relationship! In RELATE, you will learn to: R – Recharge Your Romance, E – Energize Your Love Life, L – Laugh Together, A – Accept Differences, T – Transform Through Trials, and E – Engage One Another. As a RELATE couple, you will learn to communicate your needs, to find romance, and to get excited about your spouse and your marriage!

“The RELATE workbook and Christa’s guidance helped us to rebuild, renew and recapture our goals for ourselves and one-another…This was, and always will be, one of the greatest moments in our young, but promising, marriage. Thank you, Christa.”  – Ryan & Kortney

RELEASE: A Couple’s Growth Workbook

If you’re struggling with unforgiveness, anger, hurts, or emotional wounds, then RELEASE is for you. Based upon a marital attachment theory using Christian principles, Bible verses, and journaling, this book helps couples to understand conflict patterns, let go of the past, and attach well emotionally and physically, embracing the intimate adventure of marriage as never before! In RELEASE, you will learn to: R – Rest Together, E – Effectively Communicate, L – Let Go of the Past, E – Enjoy Sexual Intimacy, A – Attach Well, S – Serve Christ & One Another, and E – Endure To the Finish Line!

“What I love are the practical exercises at the end of each chapter which help us to grow together as a couple and be released to become the husband and wife we were meant to be.” – Suzette

Messy Buns and Cartwheels: A Devotional for Busy Moms

Are you tired of running yourself ragged in the quest to do it all? If so, you are not alone! We throw our hair into sloppy buns and do cartwheels to keep our families going, but we moms must not forget to take a little time out for ourselves to recharge with our God. This fifty-two week devotional was created out of that need to allow God to speak directly into our hearts as busy mothers who want more than anything to bring Him glory through our every thought and action!

“Pick this book up. You won’t regret it! Christa Hardin did a beautiful job writing this – Messy Buns and Cartwheels is the perfect way to start or end your day as a mom.💜”
– Lauren K, Beautiful Mess owner/blogger

The Overflowing Life: An Essential Life-Hack for the Overwhelmed and Overloaded

Feeling overwhelmed? Overloaded? Are you desperate for more margin in your busy life? In this book life coach, Christa Hardin, reveals how you can escape the trap of living life short on time, money, and energy, in order to live out of an abundance of life in Christ. “Stop asking whether the glass is half full or half empty, and start asking if the glass is overflowing!”

“I am on step 7 in your new book, The Overflowing Life, and had to stop to tell you how much I love it!
– Dr. Sharon Otis, Psychologist

Love Notes: A Marriage Communication Guide

You used to pass love notes to one another, now only passing glances. In this nine page booklet, you get Seven Secret Tips for effective communication in your marriage from a Certified Relationship Coach. Why? Because everybody knows lack of communication is the number one reason for lack of satisfaction in marriage. So stop talking past each other and start reading Love Notes!

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