3 Critical Moves Before Your Next Big Decision

I was trapped... Locked in and feeling the weight of it. Moving forward or backward seemed to be my only options, neither of which direction felt...
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A Simple & Proven Activity to Help You Feel Better

I think I’m in good company when I say I don’t like pain. Both emotional and physical pain are hard to swallow. I don't think any of us can even say...
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3 Tips for Dealing With Compassion Fatigue

          There aren't words to say how wonderful it feels to be given compassion and care. When you're thirsty and someone...
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Why Being Vulnerable is So Worth It

The feeling of incredible embarrassment crawled through me when I forgot to light the candle at my National Junior Honor Society induction many...
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Help for Dealing With A Nagging Spouse

Ever feel like your spouse is grating on your nerves with their incessant chatter or their piercing voice? And inside, you're cringing and in a bad...
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What’s Truly Essential

  I lost my daughter at the starting line of the race. Actually, let’s not romanticize it. She ditched me for a friend. Middle school years anyone? As such, with no planned playlist to cheer me on, I found something else I could focus on. Other people’s kids!...

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Mastering Pain

  I’m no stranger to pain, some of it self-inflicted. Well, sort of, if you count eating habits...   I can’t take all the blame. I was raised in the generation where my mom was seriously excited about her new microwave oven…   Like way too excited....

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