Why Spending Time Alone May Just Save Your Life by Christa Hardin, MA

Can you imagine a demanding husband, a tight budget, and four needy children day in and day out as a stay-at-home mother a thousand miles from any...
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What’s Truly Essential by Christa Hardin, MA

  I lost my daughter at the starting line of the race. Actually, let’s not romanticize it. She ditched me for a friend. Middle school years...
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Are You Financially Cheating on Your Spouse? Christa Hardin, MA

In a marriage, open communication about money is vital. Not sharing the truth about your money situations, except in extreme cases of abuse, can...
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The Secret Life of Peace, by Christa Hardin, MA

She looked at me helplessly.   I wanted to help. I sincerely did. But she was presenting with a really tough issue.   This, as any...
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Destination: Healthy Marriage

Remember the good old days when you had no problem coming up with conversations to have together? The days when it was easy to lay worries and...
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Mastering Pain

  I’m no stranger to pain, some of it self-inflicted. Well, sort of, if you count eating habits...   I can’t take all the blame. I was raised in the generation where my mom was seriously excited about her new microwave oven…   Like way too excited....

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Processing Toxic Thoughts

You can probably guess what I do when I'm stressed, right? Write. Haha. But seriously, that's it. I write. That's because I know that managing your thought life through writing can't be underestimated. The Bible wisely reminds us, "For as he thinks within himself, so...

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