Confronting Your Worst Side: It’s Never Too Late For Change

I thought I may never recover after that LIVING nightmare which culminated with a tender bite mark on my flesh.   The little boy, my...
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Essential Tips for Avoiding Well-Intentioned Negativity

As a mom and aunt of middle-grade children, I spend a lot of time quelling the fears of children.   Is tropical storm Emily going to be OK,...
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Cure A Bad Mood With Our FREE Love List

You know your day is starting out in the dumps when you open your eyes first thing early in the morning after a really rocky sleep (think three kid...
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Living The Good Life with The Listening Challenge

I had become that woman. The one plowing through life, not listening to the non-verbal cues I was sending...   You know, the one unabashedly...
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Dealing With A Withdrawn Spouse

I’m feeling flooded. Can we talk later? Sure, when?   These are the healthy comments of a couple who was in a coaching session with me...
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What’s Truly Essential

  I lost my daughter at the starting line of the race. Actually, let’s not romanticize it. She ditched me for a friend. Middle school years anyone? As such, with no planned playlist to cheer me on, I found something else I could focus on. Other people’s kids!...

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