Here’s what our clients are saying…

Build Empathy 

“I believe God had placed you in our life at the right time to help both of us to step outside of ourselves, to look at the actions that we were taking and how they were affecting the other person.”


Leave A Lasting Legacy

“Our work is to continue to understand each other and the empathy creates a new perspective to further love each other even more. God is truly working on the refinement process for us. Working with you and using the tools that you have taught us have taken us very far, and they will be impactful for our children as well. Truly thankful for you”

Learn to Love Yourself, Too

“One thing I never made time for was self care. I learned that through self care, I could take a break from distractions and stress, just to focus on myself for a little while, before diving back into my marriage and mother responsibilities.”

Understand the Unhealthy Cycle

“I began to understand that my silence was so deafening to my wife that it was completely destructive. I had hurt her for so many years and intentionally & unintentionally placed blame on her for so much because of her expressive nature.  It took a long path of becoming self-aware of these actions.”


Receive Inspiration

“My coach imparted very helpful tools for everyday life that are easy to use. She has a gift of renewing perspective and encouraging others to try new tools in life without ever judging or being pushy. She makes people feel very comfortable even during what can be a very uncomfortable time of life. I highly recommend Reflections…the perspective I got was incredibly uplifting and refreshing!”

Find Understanding

“One thing I still keep in my heart is that she NEVER judged me or made me feel less…She was so understanding and kind…I know that my therapist was filled with the Holy Spirit and was right with God. Through her prayers, God was able to use her knowledge on how to help me. Thank you!!”

Receive Mentoring

“Our family has been so blessed to have our family coach in our lives! She exudes Christ’s love for His children in her words and actions. Our kids absolutely LOVE spending time talking with her as she continually guides their sessions toward becoming the young women God has called them to be. May God continue to bless Christa and Reflections!!”

Impact Generations of Family

“I just want to take a moment to say thank you for referring me to our family counselor in my pursuit to find help with my grandson. He is also doing better at home. For me, it is more than a wonderful reason to be thankful during this holiday season. Last night, my parents (his great-grandparents) attended the session with us and they left very inspired and very impressed with the therapist. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of your office and for him. My grandson looks forward to meet with his counselor and I am impressed with that!”

Learn to Release Stress in Your Marriage

“In this book (Release), Christa addresses issues we all face as married couples and helps us to navigate through the process of restoring our relationship with one another. It contains real life stories we can relate to and questions that enable us to delve deep inside. What I love are the practical exercises at the end of each chapter which help us to grow together as a couple…and be released to become the husband and wife we were meant to be.”


Grow As A Parent

“Pick this book up. You won’t regret it! Christa Hardin did a beautiful job writing this –  ♡ Messy Buns and Cartwheels by Christa M. Hardin, MA is the perfect way to start or end your day as a mom.💜” – Lauren K, Beautiful Mess owner/blogger


Get Rejuvenated in Your Goals

“I am on step 7 in your new book (The Overflowing Life) and had to stop to tell you how much I love it!”

– Dr. Sharon Otis, PhD, Bradenton


Create Boundaries that Heal

“Boundaries and rules set for fighting have allowed us to shorten the frequency and time of conflicts, and we are able to create a safe zones for fighting.”

Achieve Your Dreams

“For the last few years I have contemplated whether or not I should seek counseling or coaching to help in some areas of my life. I became a new Christ follower about 3 years ago and I was conflicted with if seeking counseling, even Christian counseling, was ok or if I should just be solely depending on God to help in the areas of my life I was struggling in. I then started reading a book written by one of the female pastors at my church, whom I strongly admire and she spoke about herself going to counseling and that it was really needed for so many, especially women leaders, to be able to talk about and be vulnerable the areas in which they struggle to ultimately help them become better leaders. That is what opened the door for me to know that this is what I needed to do. I contacted RCC and told them what I was looking for and they matched me with life coach Melissa Jansen. I know it was a God appointed relationship! Melissa has given me a place to be completely open, share my struggles as well as guide in me in the purpose God has for my life. My schedule is really crazy and she is many days able to squeeze me in for an appointment, last minute. For a busy, working mom trying to start a new non profit, that is huge for me! I couldn’t be happier with the decision to finally get started! Thank you!”

Heal Through A Divorce


“Christa was an invaluable gift from God during one of the most difficult times of my life. When I found out my husband of seven years had been having an affair, I went to Christa for coaching.  She walked side-by-side with me through a 14-month season of trying to repair my marriage.  I remember the compassion in her eyes and the warmth in her voice as she listened and guided me during a time when I didn’t know which way was up. Her humility of heart, empathy, and non-judgmental demeanor always made me feel completely free to express my deep hurts, dilemmas, and hopes as I sought solutions with her help. Christa was instrumental in my decision to pursue healing in my marriage, rather than walk away immediately upon learning of my husband’s affair.  While I felt no judgment from her and I know she would have supported me either way because of my husband’s infidelity, her deepest desire was to see the marriage restored.  At the same time, she showed me how to set appropriate boundaries and demonstrate confidence and self-respect, even as I dealt with a wayward spouse.  Ultimately, my husband decided not to stay in the marriage. But I can look back without regret, knowing that I fought for my marriage — and because of Christa’s help and God’s enablement, I fought well.  Now, years removed from that failed marriage, God has brought beauty from the ashes.  But even in the midst of that traumatic time, there were many tender mercies — not the least of which was the way my life was enriched by Christa’s faithful presence and godly counsel.”

*These testimonials are word-for-word comments we received via emails, comment forms, and surveys which are kept in our records.