With a small sigh, he turned away. But not before I could see a tear fall onto his cheek.

I so get it. Men have to be tough and crying in front of anyone really stinks.

And male or female, this time of year can be excruciatingly hard for many. While some are off celebrating their advances in career, still living off the fumes of their presumed Norman Rockwell Christmases, and enjoying their January trips to Cabo, many this year are not faring so well…

I’ve already had more emails in the last week than I got all of December. As I foreshadowed last month, we’ve come upon a time of painful realizations. The credit card bills have come in…

The health issues can’t be postponed any longer after the holidays and… People are dealing with another tragedy close to home in Ft. Lauderdale.

Plus, the country is not at peace about the president-elect. As it is, the rates for depression are the highest this week that they will go all year…

So if you or a loved ones are numbered in the ones suffering silently this time of year… What will you do?

Do you try to dodge it again? Push it down so it won’t hurt as badly? Numb things with temporary pleasures? Or do you face it?

The choice is yours.

The brave man I started this email off with chose to work with us on his marriage and self care, to face his fears together with his wife last year about this time. And I’m so glad he did because I’ve seen major transformations all this year.

And if you’re feeling a little skeptical as you read this, if you really know me, you know two things about me. I love writing and helping people… So I don’t want to have anyone reading this feel guilted into coming in to our office or seeking online services.

But since I’ve got your ear, I do want you to know… My staff and I get it if you just can’t “be positive” and “get rocking on those goals,” I write about many energized mornings (I have my January moments too of course!) And know this too. We pray for a year of success for you, a year of joy, and a release of the things causing you pain.

And one more thing. You are not alone. This may bring you comfort even if you can’t bring yourself to ask for our help… If I were you, I would love knowing there is a a place of support open to me even if I didn’t come in to use it. In fact, I do love that with my own places of support.

So whether you come in, stay home, visit a counselor, read a self-help book, make resolutions or hibernate all January, rest assured, this season will pass. But if you live your life with godly intention, you will emerge with more hope.

Love Living Intentionally With You, Christa

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