It was 4:30AM and I was wide awake. Apparently, a surprise crew of flying ants in my bedroom wanted my attention desperately.

I was swatting and turning my phone light on and basically totally jarred.


Finally, my hubby asked what I was doing. We turned the lights on but we couldn’t find them and I just KNEW he was trying to sleep (Our kids are a little older now so we actually get sleep!).


I got up and thanked him for his help.


But I was perturbed. And now I was tired again.

Who were those ants to disturb my sleep???


That blame game didn’t last long. Blaming ants doesn’t really go that far…


Still, obviously, I was in a mood…


And up.


So since I had plenty of time I got to work on changing my attitude before anyone got up…


I began journaling and was reminded of a great reminder I had chewed on a few days before…


My friend Keena had shared a Bible message about Jesus healing a woman who had been sick for twelve years.

You remember the story likely. It lacks no great importance, being mentioned three times in the gospels (Mark 5, Matthew 9, Luke 8).


As the woman reached out to touch Jesus’ garment, just the corner of it…


She was immediately healed.


This is a woman who’d spent all she had on healing for twelve years….


She didn’t allow her hesitation or humility to stop her from reaching out, not when she had access to Jesus…


The message was timely.


We too have access to Jesus, as not only strangers but as sons and daughters…


She reminded us to hold on tightly to Him for healing of any kind.


She even gave us the visual of an arm holding tight to the Lord….

So that early morning, I took the challenge.

I prayed over that reminder, visualizing holding onto God…


Instantly, I felt an impression. Like God was reminding me of something.


But what else are you holding onto?


It was an important reminder to me, one that caused me to release something I’d been grasping, theoretically, with my other hand…


It was an awesome challenge I want to remind you of also.

It’s impossible to hold onto God and something else as an idol too…(Matthew 6:24)


This week, as you carry on your own plans…remember this visual with me and challenge yourself with this coaching question.


Are you clutching your God with all your might but…

At the very same time clutching something else that is actually distracting you from your hopes, dreams, and ministry?


Maybe even at war with them?


Join me if so…

It’s not only OK but healthy to acknowledge your mistakes. Growth isn’t about being perfect. It’s about noticing unhealthy, unhelpful, and even at times sinful patterns and moving in a more fruitful direction.


This deliberate step will guide you to true joy, using your gifts to the best of your abilities.


So here’s the challenge. Join me in throwing off everything that so easily entangles so we can run with perseverance the race marked out for us… (Hebrews 12:1)


With your whole body in the game! 🙂

PS: Congrats to Frank from NYC who won our $50 Regal Movies giftcard who finds relaxation through reading and beach time (agreed, Frank!)! Stay tuned for more fun!


Love Living Life Intentionally With You,


Christa and the Reflections Staff