I had become that woman. The one plowing through life, not listening to the non-verbal cues I was sending…


You know, the one unabashedly and simultaneously lugging a hot beverage, cleaning products, plastic grocery bags and a suitcase or two through a hotel lobby…


Yes, I am very aware of the social faux pas of not looking cool doing this, but my kids are not QUITE old enough to mind…


And I was on a mission.


It was one of my bi-monthly trips where I trek up north to “help” my sister with my dad’s care.


Instead of flying up like I had the last time and being immediately consumed, I wanted to do a fun road trip with the littles, and I really enjoy this…


Generally speaking.  


And with how long it was, I had also forgotten how one can act very military-like and unfriendly when in tired task-mode!


Because of this, I ALMOST missed out on the whole point of the trip…


(Which was not, ultimately, to sanitize hotel rooms).


Bonding with my people!

Thankfully, I realized this and took some time to just listen.


You too have had “boring” times where you get an opportunity to just be still and to listen during the slower moments of life in the house or car…


And not just to the latest Disney series, sermon, or Hamilton soundtrack depending on your flair.


But to listen to what’s really important in life…


This is what I was challenged to do and feel inspired to share with you today!


So as you finish up summer with me, take this simple Listening Challenge!


Using the few potential lulls left in your quieter moments of summer, I’ll give you three simple tips to keep your relationships stronger than ever!


  1. In your quiet times with God today, listen for His Words to you. Don’t just wait for one second for a Word from Him either. Spend a few moments thinking about what God has said to you in His Word, the Bible that may be meant for today and this season of life.

    Are there things happening that you need to heed in order to have more peace, more joy, or more commitment to something or someone? If so, formulate a plan for making those awesome changes!


  1. With your spouse, try to listen with not only your verbal language but also your non-verbals when they are speaking today! It improves your connection almost immediately when they see you in tune with their conversation pieces.

    Try to show enthusiasm for their ideas, comments and concerns, something like the vibrancy you showed when you first got together!


  1. With your children, take some time with each of them individually. Don’t just ask them how they’re feeling and bombard them with a “to-do” list or your agenda for their future.

    Just come alongside them in one of their interests for a few moments today. Ask them what they’re doing, show genuine fun in joining them and by doing so, make a connection they’ll appreciate forever.


It isn’t just for the others in your life, by the way…


When you do this, you’re getting a chance to actively engage in your own life story…


The things God has given you as gifts to your day, not at all for mundane reasons…


Believe me, I get it. You may be someone who enjoys tuning out while you drive, multitasking, or listening to television loudly anytime you get a free moment,


But I encourage you, by listening to God and the people in your life with intention during just some of that time,


You embrace your life which is actively waiting for you!


The abundant life you’ve been seeking.


I’m never sorry when I’ve stopped to love and listen…


I wouldn’t want to miss out on my kids growing up years for the world.


Wouldn’t want to miss my spouse’s joys and trials for anything…


And definitely don’t want to miss out on God’s best direction for me each day so I can thrive!

What is it you’re missing out on RIGHT now?


Don’t let it slip away! Take the Listening Challenge with me today!


And let us know how it goes!

Love Living Life Intentionally With You,


Christa and the Reflections Staff