Many times, counselors and coaches don’t talk about the clients who divorce in their blogs or websites. But we know at Reflections that for many individuals, divorce is a stark reality. One that many of them would never have chosen for themselves but nevertheless one that they greatly need support in.
I hope you enjoy hearing a client testimony from someone with whom I had the privilege of coaching through a painful divorce a few years back.
Kelly* (name changed for privacy reasons) was truly a PLEASURE to work with. It’s always a honor to work with individuals but this client was absolutely a blessing. Even in her most painful season, she had moments of sparkling joy, tender love, and healthy but cautious forgiveness for her ex.
She patiently recognized God’s hand on her and loving protection over her during an unimaginably hard time.
She’s such a treasure to connect with occasionally even now that she’s remarried and thriving. She’s truly a beautiful and inspiring woman, inside and out. But even then, in her hardest time, God’s light shone right through her and she courageously embraced the coaching journey toward maintaining health, emotional strength, a good action plan, and wellness.
And know this if you are in a similar situation. There is hope on the other side, even in the midst of your dark days. If you would like support in walking through infidelity or a divorce, my staff and I are here for you!!
Here is her coaching testimony:


“Christa was an invaluable gift from God during one of the most difficult times of my life. When I found out my husband of seven years had been having an affair, I went to Christa for coaching. She walked side-by-side with me through a 14-month season of trying to repair my marriage.I remember the compassion in her eyes and the warmth in her voice as she listened and guided me during a time when I didn’t know which way was up. Christa always started each session with prayer, and after praying for me and for wisdom, she would ask God to remove from my memory anything she would say that was not inspired by Him. Her humility of heart, empathy, and non-judgmental demeanor always made me feel completely free to express my deep hurts, dilemmas, and hopes as I sought solutions with her help.Christa was instrumental in my decision to pursue healing in my marriage, rather than walk away immediately upon learning of my husband’s affair. While I felt no judgment from her and I know she would have supported me either way because of my husband’s infidelity, her deepest desire was to see the marriage restored.At the same time, she showed me how to set appropriate boundaries and demonstrate confidence and self-respect, even as I dealt with a wayward spouse. Ultimately, my husband decided not to stay in the marriage.But I can look back without regret, knowing that I fought for my marriage — and because of Christa’s help and God’s enablement, I fought well.Now, years removed from that failed marriage, God has brought beauty from the ashes. But even in the midst of that traumatic time, there were many tender mercies — not the least of which was the way my life was enriched by Christa’s faithful presence and godly counsel.”
Although I sigh as I remember that hard time for her, I smile at the amazing path she is now on.
She is far more blessed than she could have ever imagined during that lowest point.
I hope you find that encouraging today if you are walking through a painful time!
“Weeping may last for a night [season] but a shout of joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5b
Believe It!